About Us

Minting Masters' goal is to provide all of it's registered users a safe and profitable place to conduct business in the ever fast changing world of cryptocurrency.

Our core team believes that there is an alternative safe way to make money other than the traditional banking system and public stock exchanges. We are proud to offer our services in a way that everyone, worldwide, can participate and profit. Is there a risk with purchasing MM lease shares? There is an inherent risk in anything you spend money on, but our goal is to pay as much profits to our users as we can. Minting Masters and all of the registered users are a team working toward a common goal, success!


Minting Masters Inc. specializes in the purchase and sales of server and application specific hardware leases. The various forms of computer hardware leased generate profits in the form of US Dollars and Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and others). The servers and ASIC hardware are used for lost password recovery, creation of unique Crypto Currency receiving address, generation of Crypto Currency. Minting Masters also sells leases on server time and processing power. Minting Masters works with select hosting companies and server farms to purchase the top 1% to 3% of the leases offered to ensure maximum profit on the leased equipment while mitigating the risk of owning and operating the equipment.

Minting Masters offers the resale of existing hardware leases as "Lease Contracts" on our website. The profits on each individual lease are shared proportionally to the % of each lease you own as lease contracts.